Selecting a bed is a wholesome experience. You have to look after its size, the design, and whether you want a box to store your belongings. A bed is not only furniture, but the most peaceful area that comforts you while you lie down is a perfect partner for your lazy Sundays and is so much more than a cozy place. So this bed has to be uncompromising on its quality and durability for long-lasting pleasure. Therefore, we recommend you get the premium queen bed singapore online.

Why choose a queen-size bed?

premium queen bed singapore online

Your bed has to be longer and broader. Thank you for your complete legs and sides to relax on the mattress; those beds of uncomfortable size and fit are so difficult to sleep and relax. Therefore, a queen-size bed is an idealpreference whether you sleep alone or share it with someone. Generally, this bed size can accommodate two people and has a height up to 180cm. Finding the right room size to install this bed is also essential. Generally, the queen bed can be installed in aroom-to-bed ratio of 3:1.

Design your bed

Our boutique organizes facilities for you to select from the broadest range of beds. Please select from our catalogs or bring your design. Choose your wood quality, mica, and color. Our expansive and premium collection ensures complete luxury to your piece of art and comfort. Get our catalog online and place your order. Our promise is the durability of beds for up to 12 years; we never compromise on quality, do a quality check for thickness and firmness to ensure reasonable keep, and our beds are termite proof, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial, which means overall comfort and protection are guaranteed.