Are you shifting to another place or leaving your old apartment? Whatever the case, you are required to clean the area before moving out?Our home helpers cannot clean the area effectively, given the types of cleaning required. The mats and the rugs must be cleaned with complex cleaning agents, while the bed covers and beddings need soft cleaning agents. Therefore, no one can do this better than professional cleaning agents, like the post tenancy cleaning service.

What do we do for you?

Our cleaning agents are trained experts in giving the most satisfying cleaning services. Cleaning your home is an absolute mess in the daily, busy schedule. There’s much business to do, like organizing for a van, calling for the packers and movers, and arranging all your stuff before shifting to a new place. Cleaning finds no place in all these works; therefore, leave all the work to us, and we will ensurethat your place is left most tidy in the post-tenancy cleaning service.

Don’t risk your delicates

Home furnishings and other delicate materials such as rugs, carpets, and beddings require special attention. We help you clean windows, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. We are Singapore’s most trusted cleaning agents for post-tenancy cleaning. Our workers are certified and qualified cleaning professionals who provide satisfying and neat cleaning to your home. We have the most dedicated team of workers who work on a contractual or part-time basis to clean your tenancy.

Our years of experience have landed us as cleaning experts. Discover the joy of spotless cleaning with us. A good post-tenancy cleaning list is not so long, yet essential It should be comfortable to walk- on, easy to clean, non-toxic for children to crawl on, etc. A quality cleaning brings grace and glory to your designs by keeping them dirt free. If this is your requirement too, then choose us without giving a second thought.